A psalm a day helps you work, rest, and pray

May 2014

  • Psalmtweets 2

    I think by now readers of this blog will have discovered that I enjoy posting a daily ‘psalmtweet’. I run through the Psalms, one per day, in canonical order. I am on the home run now for my third journey through the Psalter. My key objective is simply to use this as a spiritual discipline.… Continue reading

About Me

This blog’s central aim is to explore all aspects of how the Psalter (the biblical psalms) functions as Scripture today.

To this end it will also include book reviews on the Book of Psalms and related topics.

Some posts will reflect more broadly on biblical interpretation or hermeneutics.

If you like what you see here and want to arrange for me to give a lecture, run a teaching event or a short retreat based around The Psalms then contact me so we can discuss how this might work.