A psalm a day helps you work, rest, and pray

Psalmtweets (Summer 2015): Psalms 71-80

Here are some psalmtweets from a few weeks ago. I post these in the hope that others might have a go. I still find that tweeting one a day is a fruitful spiritual discipline. The act of capturing something of a psalm in 140 characters is both challenging and rewarding. Sometimes they succeed and echo some central dynamic of a psalm, on other occasions they perhaps do not work so well. The act of doing it, however, is always rewarding.

Psalm 71:
Yahweh, my refuge, I am safe in you. Lord, my rock, I can build a life on you. God, my shield, you are before me. #psalmtweets

Psalm 72:
The Psalter has a structure. This psalm marks, in a sense, the end of David’s reign; Solomon and others now follow. #psalmtweets

Psalm 73:
Asking Yahweh challenging and difficult questions is both normal and allowable, from a stance of faith and trust. #psalmtweets

Psalm 74:
The fall of Jerusalem is a key event which gave rise to psalms and shaped the Psalter. #psalmtweets

Psalm 75:
The Psalms speak of reversal. One day the power of God’s opposition will be shown to be an illusion. #psalmtweets

Psalm 76:
The Psalms speak of both Yahweh’s transcendence and His imminence. He is holy warrior and yet He is approachable. #psalmtweets

Psalm 77:
The Psalms record the dialogue of the tempestuous relationship between Yahweh and Israel. #psalmtweets

Psalm 78:
The Psalter reminds us of the fruitfulness of re telling their story, which is our story and also His story. #psalmtweets

Psalm 79:
Theology, atrocity & emotion. Religion, pain & a cry for vengeance. Lord, how long? Lord, grant us love and peace. #psalmtweets

Psalm 80:
O Yahweh, shine on us that we, your vine, might bear fruit worthy of you, the living creator God. #psalmtweets

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