Top 10 Posts

In 10th Place: T. S. Eliot and Reading the Psalms.

In 9th Place: The Journey Motif in Life, Art and Scripture.

In 8th Place: Psalm 1 and 2 as an Introduction to the Psalter.

In 7th Place: Book Review—From Whom No Secrets Are Hid: Introducing the Psalms.

In 6th Place: Psalms of Ascents: Psalms 120–134.

In 5th Place: Book Review—Psalms 1 and 2: Gateway to the Psalter by Robert Cole.

In 4th Place: Psalms for the New Year.

In 3rd Place: Acrostic Psalms.

In 2nd Place: Book Review—‘Psalms—New Cambridge Bible Commentary’, by Walter Brueggemann and William H. Bellinger, Jr.

In First Place: The Psalter’s Structure: Macrostructure.

Author: PsalterMark

Psalm addict, disciple, son, husband, father, academic, theologian, cacti grower, steam enthusiast and ale drinker

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