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An A–Z of the Hebrew Bible: Part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

April 2017 will see some frenetic activity on this blog. In the course of just one month there will be twenty-six posts. The aim is to introduce the Hebrew Bible in an approachable and engaging yet rigorous manner. The major goal is to provide an introduction the Hebrew Bible. The posts will aim to also provide something for those already familiar with the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament.


Twenty-six posts in a month is challenging enough, but there’s more. The posts will also be an A–Z, following the alphabet from A on the 1st April to Z on the 30th April. Each post will ‘work’ by itself and they will also develop one-after-the-other to provide a more than 15,000 word broad introduction to the Hebrew Bible. I hope you will want to join the journey and that you will consider adding comments and asking questions.

PsalterMark, 1st March 2017

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This blog’s central aim is to explore all aspects of how the Psalter (the biblical psalms) functions as Scripture today.

To this end it will also include book reviews on the Book of Psalms and related topics.

Some posts will reflect more broadly on biblical interpretation or hermeneutics.

If you like what you see here and want to arrange for me to give a lecture, run a teaching event or a short retreat based around The Psalms then contact me so we can discuss how this might work.

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