A psalm a day helps you work, rest, and pray

Seeking Fellow Psalmtweeters

I have been ‘psalmtweeting’ for more than four years now. For me this means reading a psalm each day, following their canonical order, and then sending a tweet. The tweets vary enormously in style. I have done all of the following, and more:

  • Summarizing the psalm.
  • Quoting a verse from the psalm.
  • Writing a prayer that arises from the psalm.
  • Writing a praise that arises from the psalm.
  • Pointing out a key feature of the psalm.

On this cyclic journey I have tweeted through the Psalter almost 10 times (I’ve had some short breaks). The tenth journey is scheduled to end on Saturday 26th August. Whilst I have found the discipline rewarding, refreshing and challenging, it has been at its best when others have responded in some manner or better still joined in the practice.

I am hoping that when I begin from Psalm 1 again on Sunday 27th August that some others might join me on the journey. If you would like to do this then please make contact either by responding to this post or via @PsalterMark on Twitter.

7 responses to “Seeking Fellow Psalmtweeters”

  1. Nice work. I follow twitter sporadically. There are too many distractions on all the myriad of social feeds. I occasionally see a tweet. My own work is currently in the area of translation of the Hebrew for the whole Bible with respect to the music embedded in the text. It is a very big puzzle controlled by software I have developed. So that is my excuse for not following your idea more closely. Still – who knows if I might change! I do occasionally. 🙂


    1. Thank you for commenting. I follow your work with interest and I have found your book very helpful.


  2. Psalter Mark, I am a fellow psalm lover and post my reflections under #praypsalms. How can I be a part of this with you? – @brkandt from


    1. There are now four of us. Simply using #Psalmtweets is what I had in mind. And of course retweeting any of the contributions that seem agreeable.


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