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A to Z: Wisdom

Ancient Near-Eastern Wisdom

Biblical Wisdom

Creation and Wisdom

Dialogue in Wisdom

Ecclesiastes and Wisdom

Form and Wisdom

God of Wisdom, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Hebrew and Wisdom

Imagination and Wisdom

Job and Hitching to Wisdom

Knowledge and Wisdom

Leviathan and Wisdom

Maps and Wisdom

New Testament Wisdom coming soon

Order and Wisdom coming soon

Penitential Wisdom


Wisdom Books Bibliography

Alter, Robert, The Wisdom Books: Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, New York: Norton and Company, 2010. This book is a fresh translation of the the three biblical wisdom books by Alter. It also has a a supporting commentary on the text. This is translation like all Alter’s work is fascinating especially from a literary perspective.

Balentine, Samuel E., ‘Wisdom’, pp.274–291 in Chapman, S. B. and Sweeney, M. A. (editors), The Cambridge Companion to The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016. A helpful concise academic introduction to the wisdom literature of the Old Testament.

Ballard, H. W. and Tucker, W. D. (editors), An Introduction to Wisdom Literature and the Psalms, Macon: Mercer University Press (2000). A solid scholarly introduction to both the psalms and wisdom literature.

Fyall, Robert S., Now my Eyes have seen You: Images of creation and evil in the book of Job, Leicester: Apollos, 2002.

Grillo, Jennie, ‘The Wisdom Literature’, pp.182–205 in Barton, J. (editor), The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Companion, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2016. A helpful concise academic introduction to the wisdom literature of the Old Testament.

Hartley, John E., The Book of Job, The New International Commentary on the Old Testament, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 1988. This is one of the best major commentaries on the Book of Job.

Tremper Longman III, The Fear of the Lord is Wisdom: A Theological Introduction to Wisdom in Israel, Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2017. A compelling and clear case for a theological unity of wisdom material in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.

Longman III, Tremper and Enns, Peter (editors), Dictionary of the Old Testament Wisdom, Poetry and Writing, Nottingham: IVP, 2008. This dictionary is a must for anyone interested in a firm understanding of wisdom literature. As the title suggests it also covers the Book of Psalms and the Writings.

Murphy, Roland E., The Tree of Life: An Exploration of Biblical Wisdom Literature, 3rd edition, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002. A engaging in-depth introduction to biblical wisdom. It includes the two apocryphal works of Ecclesiasticus (or Ben Sira) and the Wisdom of Solomon.

Walton, John H., Job: The NIV Application Commentary, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2012. A masterwork in communicating—clear exegesis and compelling interpretation.

Wilson, Lindsay, Proverbs: An Introduction and Commentary, Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries, Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP, 2017. This is a small and accessible commentary on the Book or Proverbs. It is is ideal for someone meeting Proverbs seriously for the first time.

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